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Welcome to Manchester’s leading search engine optimisation agency.

If you’re a business owner in Manchester and you understand the value, and even more so the potential losses of opportunity wasted simply by not showing up on Google when people search online for the services and products that your business offers, then we can help.

Search engine optimisation at its most simple is figuring out when your website should show up, and then making that happen. We’re not going to baffle you with bs or point to articles and studies designed to confuse. At Manchester SEO Agency our approach to SEO is to Keep It Simple, Silly.

If lots of people search for “driving instructors Manchester” and you happen to be a driving instructor, then it makes sense to show up at the top of the Google rankings for that search phrase, particularly when a small amount of research shows that this search gets carried out over 800 times a month.

Its really some intelligent, common sense research combined with some skill and application of the core principles of relevance and authority, that Google values in the search results that it returns.

To find out more about our approach to SEO and how we can make your website get found, please send an email to mail at manchesterseomarketing.agency or phone us at 075 4113 9998.

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